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I am Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner delivering various treatments & Training in Southampton, UK. Please check out my social media pages to see lots of my work and any training information. Due to high demand I’m now collaborating with Pretty Face Finance which enables me to offer payment options on a wide range of treatments including my most popular dermal filler packages! I’m here to make you all look and feel your best. Consultations are recommended for some appointments. Look forward to seeing you all soon X

Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi Permanent Eyebrows...does not include the First 4/6 week Top up. Hairstroke, Powder Brow, Combination Brow & Ombré Brow.

Eyeliner Top

Semi Permanent Eyeliner Top only

Eyeliner Bottom

Semi Permanent Eyeliner Bottom only

Eyeliner Top & Bottom

Semi Permanent Eyeliner Top & Bottom

Lip Liner

Semi Permanent Lip liner

Lip liner & blush

Semi Permanent Lip Liner & Blush

Top up 1 year

Top upntreatments if iber a year or if you have had them done by someone else and your first time coming to me

Plasma Treatment

Plasma Pen Skin Tightening Treatment. Consultation recommended


Skin tightening for hooded eyes and skin underneath the eye


Including smokers lines and smile lines at the side of the mouth


Plasma pen for lose skin on the neck

Belly button

To tighten any lose skin around the belly button area

Tummy area

Plasma Pen Treatment for tightening the skin on a medium size area of the tummy

Face & Neck

Non surgical face lift for lifting and tightening the tissue underneath the skin


Non surgical face lift

Face, Neck & Chest

Non surgical lift for tightening the skin in all 3 areas

Face rejuvination

Also known as Micro needling for skin tightening and rejuvenating the skin


This treatment removes all the dead skin and peach fuzz hairs on the face

Face and dragons blood serum

This removes all the dead skin and peach fuzz on the face and also includes a dragons blood serum which doubles the moisture and softness if your skin

Chemical Skin Peels
Cherry peel

This will remove all dead skin and leave your skin glowing and feeling great for months

Dermal Fillers
Chin Filler 1.1ml

Enhance your chin by adding filler to create a rounder natural looking chin with 1.1ml filler

Cheek Filler 1.1ml

Enhance you cheeks by adding 0.5ml in each cheek for a subtle and natural higher cheek bone effect

Cheek Filler 2.2ml

Cheek Filler to enhance your cheeks with 1.1ml each side

Jawline Filler 2.2ml

Create a more defined Jaw to enhance your jawline and face with 1.1ml each side, would require a healthy BMI for this treatment

Jawline 4.4ml

Enhance your jawline with filler, consultation advised to see how much filler is required as this would be 2.2ml each side of the jaw.

Kim K Package 5.5ml

Ideal for facial contouring... The Kim K package includes 1.1ml in each cheek, 1.1ml in each jaw and 1.1ml in the chin so 5.5ml in total

Kylie Package 4.4ml

The Kylie package includes 1.1ml Lips, 0.5ml in each Cheek & 1.1ml in Each Jaw to help with facial contouring. 4.4ml in total

Nasolabial Folds 1.1ml

Also know as smile lines next to your mouth 0.5ml each side, 1.1ml all together

Nasolabial folds 2.2ml

Also know as the two smile lines next to the mouth 1.1ml each side 2.2ml total

Marionette lines 1.1ml

This treatment is designed to fill the side of the mouth to stop it from dropping! 0.5ml each corner

Periodontal lines 1.1ml

Also known as smokers lines / wrinkles above the lips 1.1ml total

Khloe package 3ml

A total of 3ml Dermal Filler that can be used across the Jaw, Cheeks, Chin or Lips

Snatched package

5ml facial filler and fox eye

Lip Enhancement
Lip Filler 0.5ml

Ideal for a subtle enhancement to your lips, either border or volume with 0.5ml Lip Filler.

Lip Filler 1.1ml

Enhance the lips to give you more volume and a defined border with 1.1ml Lip Filler.

1 month ml

Only select this if If you want another 1ml Within a month of having your last ml or .5 of filler with me!


Dissolve unwanted Filler / Lumps

Russian Lips

1ml Russian technique is a flatter lifted lip

Body Treatments
Hollywood Boob Enhance

Consultation required! Two options available with this treatment. Designed to Lift or Enlarge your Boobs naturally. Full course recomended for maximum results. The course is 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks. Results vary depending on the individual.

Brazilian Bum Lift

Consultation required. Designed to lift or Enlarge your Bum naturally. To gain maximum results which works with your own body, a course is required. This course of Treatment is one session a week for 6 weeks. Results vary depending on the individual.

Anti Wrinkle Injections
1 area female

Consultation required. Muscle relaxer 1 area

2 areas Female

Consultation required. Muscle relaxer 2 areas

3 areas Female

Consultation required. Muscle relaxer. 3 areas

Gummy smile

Consultation required. Muscle relaxer, Gummy smile

Lip Flip

Consultation required. Muscle relaxer lip flip

Bunny Lines

Consultation required. Muscle relaxer Bunny Lines

1 area Male

Consultation required before! Muscle relaxer

2 areas Male

Consultation required before. 2 areas Muscle relaxer

3 areas Male

Consultation required before. 3 areas muscle relaxer

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
1ml Nose augmentation

The nose correction treatment is carried out using injectable dermal filler for people who would like to reshape their nose! 1.1ml

Tear Trough
Under Eye Filler 1.1ml

Tear Trough is performed using a Cannula inserting dermal filler under the eye for Deep, hollow or sunken under eyes 1.1ml

Pro Facial

Sunekos is a new injectable treatment containing amino acids and Hyaluronic acid. It works by stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin to produce a complete mix of collagen and elastin.

£375.00 - £575.00
Group Russian

Russian - One day - small group

1-2-1 Russian 1-2-1 One day

1-2-1 Ultimate Masterclass One day

Group Advanced sweetheart

Group Advanced sweetheart, tenting, micro droplets Masterclass

Facial contouring group

Facial contouring masterclass 2-4 students

Facial contouring 1-2-1

Facial contouring masterclass 1-2-1

Beginners Dermal Filler

Foundation Dermal Filler and complications/ dissolving ( individual course) - 3 days

Beginners Botulinum Toxin

Foundation Botulinum Toxin (individual course) 2 days

Foundation Dermal fillers & Botulinum Toxin

Foundation Dermal Fillers + Complications / dissolving + Botulinum Toxin 4-5 day course

Pathway into aesthetics

The pathway into aesthetics includes level 3 a&p dermaplaning, micro needling, Meso Nappage, and your foundation dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin.

PDO Threads
Fox eye

Lift the tails of the eye with threads

Brow lift

Full brow lift with threads

Mini face lift

Mini face lift with threads

Full face lift

Full face lift with threads

Lower face lift

Lofting the Lower face with threads

Cheek lift

Lifting the upper cheek area


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